Volunteer Cornwall

Volunteer Cornwall is a charity dedicated to building social capital and developing the wellbeing and resilience of individuals and communities in Cornwall.  It does this by working in collaboration with a wide range of organisations to promote active citizenship covering emotional, social, environmental and economic needs and opportunities in Cornwall.

Volunteer Cornwall’s specific aims are:

  • To enable people in Cornwall to be involved in their communities through engaging in voluntary activities and mutual aid;
  • To develop, support and promote activities and partnerships in Cornwall that involve volunteers;
  • To assist with the development of skills and knowledge that the volunteer might require when undertaking their activities;
  • To support vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals and families become resilient and participate in social activities;
  • To assist with the development of host organisations, meeting their needs while promoting good practice in the deployment of volunteers;
  • To work with partners on improving and developing services for people and communities.

In furtherance of these aims, it has the following objectives:

  • To increase and promote the number of volunteering opportunities across a broad spectrum of areas including, health & wellbeing, children & young people, older people, environment & conservation, culture & leisure etc.;
  • To work with partners at a strategic level to develop active citizens;
  • To develop volunteers and host organisations;
  • Support people to collaborate and be active in their community;
  • To increase volunteering to support public services;
  • To develop innovative projects to support individuals and communities;
  • To develop Volunteer Cornwall as a quality organisation; individuals, teams and practices;
  • To raise the profile of active citizenship and the work of Volunteer Cornwall.
Charity Name: Volunteer Cornwall
Address: Volunteer Cornwall
Acorn House,
Heron Way,

Tel: 01872 265305
Email: ianj@volunteercornwall.org.uk
Charity Number: 1069957